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Hi, my name is Jay Robinson

I grew up on Australia’s Sunshine Coast and after travelling around the world and finding the love of my life along the way, I now live in Ontario, Canada. My wife Andrea and I have been living here together for 10 years now and have two small children, Cole and Lily. We visit Australia regularly, but I have come to love Canada and the people here as much as my own. I also have a passion for plants, our planet and assisting others to get the most out of life.

Prior to starting this business, I was managing a large landscape company and became chronically ill and unable to work. After months of battling illness, I decided to try something more manageable, that I had control over. This business has given me the time-freedom I need to manage my health, enjoy more time with my wife and kids and experience life on a whole new level.

Before suffering from illness my goals in life were fairly simple, yet always seemed complicated by time and money; I wanted to spend more time enjoying the company of family and friends, in both Canada and Australia. I wanted to be free of financial burdens, and I wanted to continue to satisfy the travel bug that has always driven my nature. More than anything else, I wanted the time to spend with my children as they were growing up, to ensure they had the love and guidance from their father that they needed.

By learning and immersing myself in the system and educational products we provide, I have set about living in a way that makes them a reality. Life is now a whole lot more enjoyable! I’m creating the life I want, taking control of my future, and helping others to do the same.

The Power of Vision:

As you think about beginning your own home business, the "vision thing" is important for you, too. What kind of life do YOU envisage? If you’ve never dared to get out of your comfort zone, even in your thoughts, here are some very realistic "visions" of the kind of life a home-based business can bring you…

Visualize being able to work flexible hours in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with no commute and no dress code.
Think about not having to spend 40 or more hours a week with that particularly annoying coworker or an even more annoying boss.
Imagine not having to beg for time off to do something so simple but so all-important as cheering at your son’s big sports event or attending your daughter’s school play.
Imagine taking your family on trips to places you never dreamed you’d see-Hawaii, go on a Nile cruise, an African photo safari, or even just a great week on an island on the Great Barrier Reef. (You won’t have to ask anyone for the vacation time, of course!)
Imagine being relieved of the burden of financial problems, so you can stop worrying and start living the life you were meant to live.

I urge you to think about how much better life could be for you and for your family. Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity to become your own boss, a self-confident entrepreneur living up to your full potential.

I look forward to speaking with you!
Jay Robinson
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