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Breaking Through Barriers

Sun rays through cloudsI was reflecting today on some key points in my life and I thought that sharing these would be a good place to start my blog. There have been many significant moments of change in my life, but two were designed solely as a means to bettering myself as a person, and finding the success and happiness I knew others enjoyed.

My first attempt really started when I was twenty-five. I had never even heard of personal development at the time, but I had a growing inertia inside of me that I knew had to be stopped. I had a powerful belief that if I did not do something to stop this feeling that I would be short changing myself, and not making good use of the opportunities I had available to me.

My decision was similar to many people at that age; I sold everything I owned and invested it in myself by taking a journey across the planet, in an attempt to open my mind to the possibilities and differences I knew the world must have to offer.

At the time I thought that what I really needed, was to experience different cultures. Shock myself into a state of appreciation by seeing first hand the lives of others not so fortunate. To make myself feel better about what I already had. It took me many years to understand why my reasoning was wrong, and why I didn’t achieve what I had hoped for. There were an abundance of great times. Gifts I will forever be grateful for, and without doubt I gained a better appreciation of my opportunities. But I was still void of any purpose, and for a long time, still felt discontent.

My second attempt has been a lot more successful. I say that it ‘has been’ because it will continue for the rest of my life. Breaking through my biggest barrier finally came through studying our personal development curriculum. I discovered that there were many valuable lessons I missed on my initial journey. It makes me laugh now to think, that all that time I was looking for answers in the wrong places. I had started to believe that the secrets to the universe were just too complicated for a guy like me to figure out.  My answers were always there, yet I had been overlooking the beauty and simplicity of them.

ChampagneIt has been life changing for me to gain the understanding that my success and happiness can truly only come from within me. By learning to focus on what is important to me and not others, ultimately benefits those around me. I now have more time and love to share with them, and also have more positive energy to use for the good of others.

I hope these thoughts I’ve shared have been of interest and provide you with a better understanding of where I am coming from. This blog will become a place to share thoughts, stories and images that aim to give value to anyone looking for success of their own.

To Your Success!

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